Avid working with Apple to fix Sibelius performance issue on Mavericks


Mac-OS-X-Mavericks-LogoMany Mac users have reported that Sibelius is performing sluggishly on their OS X Mavericks systems, in addition to experiencing issues with Sibelius 7 and Mavericks regarding how fonts are displayed in dialogs and with ReWire capability.

With more users upgrading to Mavericks each day, and new Macs coming pre-installed with Mavericks, user interest in the solutions to these issues has increased. An article from Avid’s Knowledge Base, in announcing Windows OS compatibility for future Sibelius versions starting with Sibelius 7.5, simultaneously stated that “there are no current plans for any further updates to Sibelius 7.”

Regarding these issues, today Avid’s Sam Butler told me, “There are no plans to release any further updates to Sibelius 7.1.x on Windows, but we haven’t completely ruled out supplying a fix for the problems experienced on Mavericks.”

He further said, “The performance problems on Mavericks seem to be the most common symptom, so you’ll likely find the same on your new Mac. Apple has confirmed it’s their bug and are investigating the issue with the hope of including a fix in an upcoming software update to Mavericks. So far, we’ve narrowed it down and created a small test app that details the decrease in performance. Apple is now using this to help fix the issue. We’re investigating our own patch as well to see if it’s something that will help, but we aren’t ready with the patch or know if Apple is going to be able to release their fix soon.”

If we can clarify whether the font display and ReWire issues are included in Avid’s and Apple’s efforts, or if they are being addressed separately from the performance issue, I’ll update this post with more information.

Updated December 14, 2013 to provide more context to a statement from the Avid Knowledge Base article.


  1. Bob Lee

    Phillip: Also, please check with Sibelius on the Mac OS X Mavericks startup problem with both PhotoScore Lite and PhotoScore Ultimate 7 from Neuratron. The released applications are linked to a library file that resides in a developer’s debug library – and crashes on startup. Thank you!

  2. The Mac

    Wow, no more upgrades or fixes for 7? and then maybe a paid update (I’m guessing, it is avid) to 7.5? I hate to say this but I may just move over to Finale 2014. They seem like they are in it for the long haul. I feel like sibelius is an after thought to avid and they may not be around much longer or be supported very well. Not too mention, how long will it possibly be before they come out with 7.5? it could be years knowing Avid.

  3. Kut Weil

    Like many predicted: Avid is the end of Sibelius (in my opinion the greatest notation software in the world!) Just look at
    the update responses from users since Avid-Sibelius.

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