Avid Scorch 1.1 update brings over 90 improvements


Only yesterday I posted about Hal Leonard’s new Scorch-powered Sheet Music Direct app, but Avid’s own iPad app, Avid Scorch, has also recently seen a major update to version 1.1, which is a free update for existing users, or just $1.99 US (or equivalent in your local App Store) for new users, for a limited time only.

Perhaps the biggest improvement in Avid Scorch 1.1 is the ability to preview any title from the in-app Scorch Store. Now you can make absolutely sure that the arrangement you’re thinking of buying is the one you need before you make your purchase.

You can also now load any PDF document in Avid Scorch directly: simply drag it into iTunes like you would a regular Sibelius score, and next time you sync your device, the PDF will be added to your Scorch library.

There’s also improved support for Bluetooth foot pedals for page turning, improved score following during playback, more intelligent page advancing when in Music Stand mode, and much more besides.

If you haven’t checked out Avid Scorch before, what are you waiting for? You can find it directly on your iPad via the App Store, or via iTunes.


  1. J. Simon van der Walt

    I’m sorry, this is going to sound snarky, but… what are we waiting for? How about a version of the Scorch plugin for the mac which doesn’t require a browser running in 32 bit mode?!

  2. Falk

    Yes, we need a version of the Scorch plugin for the mac which doesn’t require a browser running in 32 bit mode!

  3. Peter

    I’m waiting for the Android versions… ;)

  4. Mike Davis

    Will Scorch run happily on the 16 or 32 gig versions of iPad2, or would you consider the 64 to be a necessity? Actually, and forgive the OT, but does anyone have an opinion about that question as regards GB, Ani-Moog and other music apps? Thank you!

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