Avid lays off some Pro Tools and audio employees; Sibelius unaffected


avid-logoAs reported yesterday by Pro Tools Expert, Avid has implemented layoffs affecting the Pro Tools team and those working on related audio products.

More from the article:

Avid, the makers of Pro Tools, have undertaken another round of layoffs affecting some key people on the Pro Tools, Venue and the wider audio teams.

Jobs have gone in Product Management, Beta and QA, Applications Engineering and Marketing. This includes teams from both the USA and Germany and may extend to other Avid offices around the world.

As is always the case this includes friends of many of the team on Pro Tools Expert, we have spoken to some of them on the phone today and as expected they are shocked by the news.

We have independently confirmed the news with Avid. The Sibelius team is unaffected by the current round of layoffs.

Joe Pearson, Sibelius product designer, told participants on the Sibelius forum that “there are no changes in the Sibelius team. Sam [Butler, senior product manager] and I are still here and our development team too remains unchanged. Now that we’ve got Sib 8.1 out of the door, we’re working hard on an update for 8.2.”

Joe further said that “We’ve got developers in Montréal, Ukraine and Poland. Product management is in the UK. There are also numerous other roles involved with Sibelius across the US and other countries. We’re quite a spread out lot! It’s sad to have lost some great colleagues, although I have little doubt they’ll land on their feet. Purely in terms of Sibelius, however, we’re full steam ahead.”


  1. Derek Williams

    While they can’t keep their staff, Avid have no trouble finding money to pay their board increases on their already exorbitant salaries:


  2. Daniel

    “We’ve got developers in Montréal, Ukraine and Poland”

    If You have developers in Poland, so why we don’t have a Polish version?

  3. cat

    Anyone would think AVID management are plants, brought in to destroy!
    Will Pro-tools go the same way as Sibelius?
    I bet the Steinberg board and Cockos, MOTU and others can’t believe their luck!
    AVID, aka Kamikaze R Us

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