Avid launches IdeaScale Sibelius Feedback Community


This week, Avid has announced a new Sibelius Feedback Community, powered by IdeaScale.

According to Avid’s Sam Butler:

Open to all Sibelius users, the feedback community is a great way to collaborate, share, and discuss new features and enhancements for Sibelius and Scorch.

Getting started with IdeaScale is easy. You can browse the currently submitted ideas without an account, and when you’re ready to participate, log in with a valid email account or a social media profile.

ideascaleThe concept is straightforward: Anyone can suggest feature enhancements, bug fixes, etc. Users vote an item up or down, similar to the way one might do so on YouTube, and the ideas with the highest net ranking rise to the top. It is not clear whether Avid would actually prioritize new features to align with the results of the IdeaScale site, but this could be a good way to see what users deem worthy of consideration.

The concept is similar to the Pro Tools Feedback Community, which has been around for several years.

The usual disclaimer applies here: Neither I nor this blog are affiliated with Avid, so please contact Avid directly with any specific questions you have about the Sibelius Feedback Community.

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