Avid extends upgrade deadline by one week to July 6 (updated)


Today Avid announced that the deadline to upgrade to Sibelius 8 from Sibelius 7.5 or earlier at an introductory price is being extended to July 6, 2016, “due to the unprecedented and overwhelming popularity of this upgrade offer over the past two weeks,” according to an updated post on the official Avid blog.

Previously, Avid set the deadline for today, June 30.

Activation problems may have also played a role in the decision. A number of users on a monthly or annual subscription have reported problems when updating to Sibelius 8.4. Sibelius support representative Vee Jimenez has recommended that users experiencing this issue “uninstall 8.4 and revert to 8.3 until we have an 8.4.1 fix available, which will handle the license correctly.”

UPDATE: 4:00 pm — Sibelius 8.4.1 is now available. Product designer Joe Pearson said: “It contains a single fix for an issue that could prevent subscription users from running Sibelius. If you’re already successfully running 8.4.0 there is no need to update.”

Newly-announced Sibelius pricing, from the Avid blog
Sibelius pricing, from the Avid blog


  1. Bob Zawalich


  2. jeff

    I responded to the special AVID upgrade price from 7.5 – Managed to sign in but when trying to check out, after the page that confirms my details I get a page that just says…’Salesforce’ Single Sign On Error. Not only can I not get past this, but I also can’t seem to get a message to AVID for help. Any ideas folks?

  3. Cat

    Read my lips….. Emperor…..clothes…new…naked…!!

  4. Phil

    Avid is suffering from an image problem, namely that they won’t be enhancing or furthering development on Sibelius. An effort of good will where the upgrade price is $89 period would go a long way to increasing consumer confidence.

    1. Peter Thompson

      > Avid is suffering from an image problem

      Yes! Completely agree.

      > Namely that they won’t be enhancing or furthering development on Sibelius

      What do you call 8.1 to 8.4? That’s clearly enhancing and furthering development. Less of the half-baked rumors, please Phil.

  5. Fred Gray

    Same here. I cannot even log on without getting that SalesForce error. As usual there is no overt way to bring this to Avid’s attention,

  6. Philip Rothman

    There seem to be various threads at the official Sibelius chat page where employees are responding. If you’re having problems, you might try posting there to get a more direct reply.

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