Attend Sibelius boot camp in New York City at the end of October

Hunter College in New York City, yesterday (courtesy Chris and Yoon on Flickr)

Self-styled Sibelius sensei Ernie Jackson is running two boot camp training sessions on Sibelius 7 at Hunter College in New York City on Saturday 29 October 2011. Ernie is not only a teacher at The City University of New York, a published author, and a tremendous guitarist but also a music technology expert, including Avid products like Pro Tools and Sibelius.

Ernie says:

“This training will take place in a traditional classroom. If you have a laptop with Sibelius, please bring it with you. There will be no spare computers for personal use. Come with a partner and share a laptop – it will help retain the information. Have your questions ready and please bring examples of music you are trying to enter in Sibelius, but are having difficulty doing so. The same with music to scan. Please bring notebooks, pencils, and pens. And yes, believe it or not – you can record the whole thing – just ask me first!”

Read on for more information about what will be covered in the training, and how to register your interest in attending.

These classes will focus on getting around and learning to use all versions of Sibelius 5-7 in a quick but informative manner. It is intended for intermediate to advanced. Beginners are welcome, but be prepared! Some of the topics to be covered in these boot camp training will be:

  • Understanding the Sibelius Layout
  • Creating scores with manuscript paper, instruments
  • Note entry: using the mouse, keyboard, and Flexi-time – which is better for you?
  • Adding bars, time signatures, and key signatures
  • Perfecting Playback using Sibelius Sounds, and third-party plugins
  • Basic editing: selecting object, moving, copying, pasting
  • Introduction to the “Procedure Discipline” approach
  • Introduction to marking up the score
  • Text Techniques, lyrics, and other text objects
  • Basic word processor review and application to Sibelius
  • In class assignments ­ Choral pieces, lead sheet, and Composer notes page
  • Perfecting electronic score layout and print for copyists, self-publishing, and anyone interested in better looking scores
  • Working with plug-ins to improve your score
  • Developing more Flexi-time skills for note entry and composing
  • Working with Dynamic parts for score layout and parts distribution
  • Scanning music into Photoscore Professional /Ultimate with further editing in Sibelius
  • Use of graphics (importing and exporting), developing new publishing house styles, manuscript papers, and editing existing engraving rules.
  • Create scores of varied lengths with page breaks, movements, and key changes.
  • MAYBE – we’ll talk about Pro Tools and Sibelius!
Sibelius sensei Ernie Jackson and one of his many guitars

If you’re ready to sign up, attendance will cost $35 per attendee, and you can sign up for the morning session (9am-12pm) via PayPal here, and for the afternoon session (1pm-4pm) via PayPal here. If you have any questions, please email Ernie directly.


  1. Peter Roos, San Francisco

    Cool. I did a workshop with Ernie 3 1/2 years ago, flew in from San Francisco. It was well worth it.

  2. Sebastian Wolff

    I would love to attend one of these. San Francisco would be a fantastic place for a boot camp :)

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