ASMAC music preparation webinar with Elaine Gould


Have you ever read Behind Bars: The Definitive Guide to Music Notation and wished you could ask its author, Faber Music’s new music editor Elaine Gould, why non-simultaneous entries require individual dynamics (p. 528)? Or why the clef is indented into the staff by one space (p. 6)? Or why tempo indications are printed in bold roman type (p. 182)? Or any one of a bazillion other items she catalogued in her industry-standard music notation reference?

Well, tomorrow, you may have that chance. The good folks at the American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers (ASMAC) are hosting a music preparation “hanginar” with Elaine Gould on Wednesday, March 17, 2021, at 3 pm EDT (19:00 UTC).

Elaine Gould

Not only will Elaine Gould be the guest of honor, but an all-star panel will be part of the discussion, to include Russ Anixter, Ross deRoche, Liz Finch, Emily Grishman, and Jill Streater. Topics on the agenda:

  • Q & A with Elaine
  • Work Order
  • Preserving the Art
  • Standard Practices
  • War Stories

Registration is free ($5 donation accepted) at ASMAC’s Eventbrite event page and you are welcome to send those questions for Elaine in advance to the email address posted on their site.

It looks like it will be a swell time! If you want to pre-game, why not have a listen to our podcast episode with Emily Grishman, one of the ASMAC panelists. Oh, and yes, go buy Behind Bars if you haven’t done so already, and cram as much as you can in advance!

Podcast: Emily Grishman (revival)

On the Scoring Notes podcast, Emily Grishman, acclaimed Broadway copyist, talks about the world of music theatre copying, the process of getting the music from the composer’s pen to the player’s stands, and the tools she uses to achieve superior results. Listen now:

Scoring Notes
Emily Grishman (revival)



  1. Grace Joy Reid

    I hope that I can make it to Elaine Gould’s seminar tomorrow at 3 pm EST.

  2. Siebe Henstra

    Hi, enjoy very much your podcasts and site! I have used MuseScore very intensively (for a very successful Bärenreiter edition) and am very much into Dorico now and want to teach at the Conservatoire in Utrecht about it.
    Question: is it possible to see back the webinar by Elaine Gould? I was not able to attend it.
    Best and thanks,


    1. Luciano Williamson

      A recording of the webinar has been uploaded to the ASMAC Facebook page.

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