Apple releases OpenType font fix for Mac OS X 10.6.7

Apple's new font update tames their big cat (Courtesy Tambako on Flickr)

Nearly a month ago, Apple released the Mac OS X 10.6.7 operating system update, and (unusually) the update introduced a problem with how Snow Leopard handles OpenType fonts with PostScript outlines, including the music fonts supplied with Sibelius. You can read all about the issues here.

Now I’m able to bring you good news from Cupertino: Apple have today released a small update for Mac OS X 10.6.7 called Mac OS X v10.6.7 Snow Leopard Font Update that fixes the problem.

The update is available now for Mac OS X 10.6.7 users via Software Update.


  1. Peter Roos, San Francisco

    It’s nice to see that Apple took this issue seriously and came up with a solution on short notice.

  2. Iain Houston

    It works! Phew! I was beginning to despair.
    Now my rehearsal marks and chord symbols are all black again!
    Thanks to whoever sorted this out: at least Apple and this blog for alerting me to the solution.

  3. Steve W

    About time! Now I just have to figure out how to reinstall my OpenType music fonts… Thanks for your alerts on this, Daniel.

  4. Torsten Wahlstrom

    Hi! It seems impossible to qualify for an Apple ID needed to be eligible for the MacOSX v10.6.7 Snow Leopard Font Update. If I ever have had an Apple ID I’ve
    not needed it before and thus forgotten it. In order to get a new one, I have filled out the form including writing out the contorted numerals and letters maybe a hundred times. And believe you me – I know my ABC and 123! What’s wrong?
    Kind regards, Torsten Wahlstrom

    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      You don’t need an Apple ID if you do the download directly via Software Update, which you can run from System Preferences or from the Apple menu.

  5. Cooper

    Is there a way to download the OpenType fonts for Sibelius 6 again? I used the TrueType font replacement method to provide a temporary fix, and stupidly deleted the OpenType fonts rather than storing them elsewhere. It seems like, with the TrueType fonts, Sibelius has some problems with Magnetic Layout, especially when aligning dynamics and hairpins. I only assume this is the fault of the TrueType fonts because I did not have this issue before.

    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      Follow the steps here, which will tell you to install Scorch after trashing the Opus, Inkpen2, Helsinki and Reprise fonts on your system.

  6. Jeroen Pouw

    Unfortunatly, this did not resolve my problem. I still have noteheads that disappear when I export it form Sibelius and than want to insert this file in to microsoft Word. Anybody any suggestions?

    I have tried reinstalling Sibelius even after deleting it directly from my hard disk (not through just the programs folder). Deleted the fonts, installed them from the latest Scorch. It all doesn’t help.

    I have snowleopart 10.6.7 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7

    1. Daniel Spreadbury

      Exactly how are you trying to export graphics from Sibelius into Word, Jeroen? What format are you using?

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