A few bargains for the savvy Sibelius shopper


Those contemplating upgrading to Sibelius 7.5 from Sibelius 6 or earlier, whether for its new features or for more practical reasons like file compatibility with others, might do well to look into some bargains being offered online at the moment.

If you are currently using Sibelius 6 or earlier, you can buy Sibelius 7 now and receive a complimentary upgrade to version 7.5 when it’s available.

Buying the Sibelius 7 upgrade directly from Avid will cost $150, whether as a download or shippable box. The Sibelius 7.5 upgrade, when available, will also cost $150.

But a quick check of four US authorized resellers revealed pricing in the $120 range:

Who doesn’t like 20% off? You’ll have the added benefit of having both Sibelius 7 and Sibelius 7.5, should you need one or the other for a particular project.

If you already have Sibelius 7, the upgrade to 7.5 will cost $50, presumably available as a download from Avid when the software is available later this month (Avid hasn’t yet given a precise date).

I didn’t check other countries’ sites to see if similar pricing was available, but if you’re outside the US, feel free to post your findings in the comments.

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  1. Bob Zawalich

    Thanks Philip –

    It is good to be reminded that you can get these updates more cheaply at places other than Avid. I wonder if the 7.5 update will be available on Amazon eventually.

    Thanks for another useful article.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Bob! I was wondering that too; I suppose we will find out soon.

      It does appear that the full range of Sibelius products is currently available from Amazon and other retailers, like the Sibelius 7 crossgrade and Sibelius First.

  2. David Ayers`

    I’ve been a Sib user for several years still have 6), and recently I was telling a friend of nine he needs to get Sib. Then I began to hear that they have been or might be sold, and the developers are are gone. I’m hesitant to have him buy in this environment. Can you point me to the latest info on this – haven’t had much success yet. Thanks!


    1. Philip Rothman

      Indeed, most of the long-time Sibelius developers were let go in a corporate restructuring in 2012. You can read about it on ArtsJournal, PSN Europe, and many other places.

      A new development team was assembled and a long-time employee with many years of Sibelius experience was recently named senior product manager.

      Avid has retained ownership of Sibelius and appears to have no plans to sell it.

  3. Chris

    I have Finale and I’m interested in a crossgrade but I don’t want to give up using Finale. Do you know anything about that? I once sent an email to Avid but got no repsonse.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Yes, a crossgrade is available. You don’t have to give up Finale. You just have to provide a valid Finale serial number to Avid to prove that you own the software. Avid sells the crossgrade for $200 but it’s available from Amazon for $160.

  4. Michael Broughton

    I have Sibelius First, can I use it as an upgrade to Sib 7?

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