Watching your parents grow up

Avid's "Wall Of Invention"
Avid's "Wall Of Invention"

Have you ever rooted around a box of old photos in your parents’ loft and had a good giggle at their crazy hairstyles or kipper ties? Avid founder Bill Warner has posted some photos from the early days of Avid on his blog, and they’re fun.

Sibelius was acquired by Avid Technology, Inc. in the summer of 2006. Avid was founded in 1987, just five years before Sibelius Software Ltd., but because of the huge impact that Avid had more or less immediately on the world of video editing, which quickly affected everything from how movies were made to how TV news was put together, Avid grew big and strong very quickly. Bill’s photos and anecdotes give you a glimpse of what that growth was like.

My personal favourite picture is Avid’s “Wall Of Invention”, which you can see above. Avid has innovated so many things that they have an entire wall dedicated to their patents in their headquarters!

Check out Bill Warner’s post.

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