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Since we first launched the Scoring Notes podcast, we’ve received a tremendous amount of positive responses to the show. The single most frequent request from our audience has been for us to make transcripts of our episodes available.

We’ve made a few transcripts available for some of our most popular and “evergreen” episodes: Our interview with copyright attorney and publisher Jim Kendrick; our interview with MusicXML inventor Michael Good; and our discussion about how to charge for music preparation.

Making those transcripts, even with the assistance of the tools available at the time, were still fairly labor-intensive in order to make them comprehensible, especially having to correct some of the esoteric terms used in the discussion of music notation software and related technology.

However, with the exponential advances in artificial intelligence, automatically generated transcripts that make sense — even for our niche topic — are a reality, as a result of Apple’s new podcast transcript feature in its Podcasts app on iOS, iPadOS, and Mac.

You’ll need iOS or iPadOS 17.4 or later, or macOS Sonoma 14.4.

Follow along with the podcast in real time

If you’ve used the lyrics feature in Apple Music, you’ll recognize a familiar “speech bubble” in the Podcasts app once you begin playing a podcast episode. Tap it to reveal the transcript.

The transcript will follow along in real time with the audio.

After a few moments, you’ll notice a “Search” button at the bottom of the transcript page. Tap it to search within a transcript, and to jump to that point in the podcast audio.

Read the transcript on your own time

Some people simply prefer reading a transcript instead of listening to audio at all. It’s possible to do this as well.

From the home screen of the podcast episode, tap the ellipsis (…) to reveal the contextual menu, and tap View Transcript. This will bring up a version of the transcript that you can read through at your leisure. (It’s possible to also listen to the audio while in this view, but the text won’t automatically scroll along with it.)

There is a search function here, too (it’s in the upper-right corner of the screen), and if you select a word, you can play the audio from that selection.

On the Mac

You don’t need to have your mobile device handy to use this feature. Fire up the Podcasts app on your Mac, where you’ll also see a View Transcript option:

If you’re viewing a particular episode, you can also scroll down past the show notes and our mug shots to click on Transcript to bring up the transcript, if you prefer.

We hope these transcripts give you another way to enjoy Scoring Notes (and many other) podcast epsiodes!


  1. Jane Frasier

    I don’t see Apple Podcasts in my App Store on my Mac. What is it called?


    1. Philip Rothman

      It’s just called “Podcasts”, and it should already be in your Applications folder. Apple installs Podcasts automatically on all of its operating systems: Mac, iPad, iOS, TV, Watch (and maybe Vision Pro, too?).

      1. Jane Frasier


  2. Harry

    Thanks, Philip.

    I want aware of that feature. It will be very useful.

    Best wishes,


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