The old and the new


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a session in New York run by Ernie Jackson and hosted by the Digital Film Academy. Ernie reviewed the new features of Sibelius 7.5, which was announced earlier that day on January 23.

Ernie Jackson and me at the Digital Film Academy
Ernie Jackson and me at the Digital Film Academy

Ernie deftly demonstrated the new of Sibelius, and he also kindly presented me with a reminder of the old: a mouse pad that came included with an early version of Sibelius. I’m sure a knowledgeable reader will be able to pinpoint the exact version (2 or 3, most likely)?

Most of those keyboard shortcuts still work just fine! (Click for larger version)
Most of those keyboard shortcuts still work just fine! (click for larger version)

It was a thoughtful gesture on Ernie’s part. For the moment, the mouse pad occupies a spot on my desk next to a slightly more current piece of technology:


Now if we could just have that fix for Mavericks… (from statements on Avid’s official Facebook page and the chat forum, signs are looking hopeful in that regard).

Thanks, Ernie!


  1. Daniel Spreadbury

    That’s a Sibelius 2 mouse pad. I remember it well. I remember assembling the artwork for it in Quark Xpress, in fact, a very long time ago. (The same image was also printed on the back cover of the Sibelius User Guide in those days.)

    1. Philip Rothman

      No better authority, indeed. I had a hunch it was 2 but we couldn’t recall for certain. Thanks, Daniel!

  2. Bob Zawalich

    Yeah, v2 indeed. The giveaways are the buttons for Sibelius Music and Grove Music. I remember it being a big deal that we got access to the Grove Encyclopedia for free!

    I still have my mousepad around here somewhere!

    The toolbar with shortcuts was printed on the back cover of the manual from versions 3 to 6, but actually not for version 2. That one had listings of awards that SIbelius had won. “Electronic Musician 2000 Editor’s Choice”!, “Computer Music Ultimate Buy”.

    Those were the days!

  3. Daniel Spreadbury

    You’re right, Bob: we actually started printing that graphic on the back of the manual because we stopped including the mouse mats in the box after Sibelius 2. Now, who remembers the keyboard shortcuts “tower” from Sibelius 1?

  4. Bob Zawalich

    I remember the tower, but alas, no longer have it (or the V1 reference, though I have 2 – 6). I must have thought at the time that this program would never last…

  5. Ernie

    Awwwwwwwww man!!

    THANK YOU! Once I knew you would be attending the session, I knew you would certainly appreciate it. I look forward to hanging with you again soon Philip!

    Hey Daniel!

  6. Neil Sands

    I have the manual from version 1, Bob, if you want me to look something up ;-)

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