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As December — and 2020 — nears its end, I’d like to take a moment to wish all of our Scoring Notes readers a very happy holiday season and new year.

It’s been more than eight years since I started running this blog, and while I’m always grateful for our loyal readers, this year I’m especially thankful that we’ve had the opportunity to continue to bring you news, tips, and more from the world of music notation software and related technology.

I suppose I shouldn’t just say “readers”. This year, for the first time, we’ve acquired listeners, thanks to the Scoring Notes podcast. Finding ourselves with a bit more time on our hands, we launched the podcast in May and already have an archive of more than 30 episodes and thousands of listeners!

A huge thank you to my co-host David MacDonald, who brought a wealth of podcasting expertise to the show out of the gate. And we’ve been incredibly fortunate to have had the privilege to interview many notable guests already. We’ve got many more topics in the pipeline, so while we’re taking the rest of the year off, we’ll be back in 2021 to talk more about all the many happenings in our field. Until then, whether you’re a newcomer to the podcast or a regular listener, enjoy our back catalog.

Thanks also to the many customers who’ve supported our new commercial endeavor at NYC Music Services: Notation Central, the online marketplace for music notation technology. Launched in March, Notation Central has fonts, utilities, templates, plug-ins, and even more goodies, like the ability to book online training sessions in Finale, Sibelius, and Dorico.

Notation Central is where you’ll find the digital products offered directly by NYC Music Services like the Notation Express Stream Deck profiles for Sibelius, Dorico, and Musescore, the PDF batch utilities, and the Norfolk and Pori fonts for Sibelius, not to mention sheet music by Jessie Montgomery, beautifully engraved editions of Chopin and Beethoven piano works, and all nine Beethoven symphonies, prepared by master engraver Ephraim Hammett Jones, and Sibelius plug-ins like Santiago Barx’s Graphical MIDI Tools and Ozie Cargile’s UltraMix.

It’s also the home of our latest offering, released just a couple of weeks ago: Scoring Express, the collection of high-quality, professional templates for Sibelius — based on the same templates we use at NYC Music Services. Each Scoring Express package is much more than just the templates. It contains manuscript papers, house styles, music and text fonts, and plug-ins — all installed in one go, so you can get started right away.

Scoring Express has really taken off just in the short time it’s been available. Right now we have two fantastic Chamber and Jazz suites, and another one is planned very soon. They’re an incredible value, and even more so from now until the end of the year, while they’re being offered at a special introductory price. I’m so appreciative of all the customers who’ve jumped in and the many nice comments we’ve received about Scoring Express, and thanks to everyone who has helped get it out there.

Scoring Notes is a team effort and we couldn’t do it without the incredible contributors who offer their insights, expertise, tips, and reviews on a wide variety of topics. We’ll soon have even more quality posts for readers to look forward to and enjoy.

We know many people rely on Scoring Notes as a leading source of news and information about music notation software. Whether it’s timely and critical information, such as compatibility with new operating systems and hardware — like Apple’s Big Sur and M1 computers — or our Product Guide, with links to all of our detailed reviews about the Dorico, Finale, Musescore and Sibelius releases, we’ll do our very best to keep you informed in the way you’ve come to expect. If you care to chip in to support our efforts, we’ll be especially grateful, as we are to our readers who have already chipped in — you can choose to donate in whatever amount you like.

But whether you can chip in or not, and whether you’re a Scoring Notes superfan or just an occasional lurker around here: thank you. Thanks for reading, listening to, and supporting us. And most importantly, thanks for your continued interest in this amazing and vibrant field. We may or may not be back with one or two more posts before the end of the year, but if we don’t see you until 2021, have a very happy and safe holiday season.


  1. Derek Williams

    Thanks for the past great year of updates, Philip!

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