Stream Deck profile for Zoom; Notation Express updated for Dorico 3.5


Are you using Zoom more these days? Aren’t we all?

If you already have a Stream Deck console, or an iPhone or Android phone running the the Stream Deck Mobile app, you can use it to control Zoom.

Over at Notation Central, our marketplace for music notation software and related technology, we’ve taken the time to build a simple Stream Deck profile with 15 of the most common Zoom functions, all ready to go.

It’s called Express VC Stream Deck Profile for Zoom, and it’s for the Mac and Windows desktop versions of Zoom. You can use it to mute, unmute, start and stop video, screen share, recording, chat and more. Toggle full screen and Speaker View or Gallery view, invite participants, and raise or lower your hand in a meeting.

It’s designed with the same style of beautiful icons you may already enjoy in Notation Express, so you’ll feel right at home if you’re already using Notation Express to control Sibelius, Dorico, or Musescore.

The Express VC profile uses the default Zoom keyboard shortcuts, so all you need to do is double-click the Stream Deck profile to install it in the Stream Deck desktop app, and you’re ready to use it.

Pro tip!

If you want to control Zoom even when it’s not in focus (in the foreground), head over to the Zoom Preferences (or Settings) and open the Keyboard Shortcuts tab. Check the boxes for Enable Global Shortcut — this way you can be working in another app but still control Zoom using Stream Deck.

Just take note of any Zoom global shortcuts that might have the effect of disabling one in another app. If this happens — for instance, if you are using Sibelius and make use of the Command-Shift-A shortcut for Select More — you can always edit the shortcut in Zoom.

Bear in mind you’ll need to make the same edit in the Express VC Stream Deck profile as well.

Head on over to Notation Central and pick up the Express VC Stream Deck profile for Zoom for only $4.99.

Don’t forget to take a look at our post with instructions about how to share video and audio of music notation software via Zoom.

Notation Express update for Dorico 3.5

As we welcome Express VC to the Stream Deck party, we also have an update for Notation Express and Notation Express XL for Dorico, to add a few new features related to the Dorico 3.5 update and also a dedicated installer for the Dorico 3.5 key command profile.

As ever, much credit and gratitude to expert Dorico user and Scoring Notes contributor Leo Nicholson for the programming wizardry behind these latest improvements!

Important note: There are no updates to Notation Express for Dorico 3 in this release, and there will be no further updates to Notation Express for Dorico 3. If you have not upgraded to Dorico 3.5 you do not need to download this update until (unless) you upgrade to Dorico 3.5.

What’s new in the Notation Express for Dorico update

New Staff text buttons for Figured bass and Fingering, and new Filters for Figured bass and Condensing Changes.

New Formatting buttons for Note Spacing and Condensing changes, a Set Local/Global Properties toggle, and Lock System. Toggle Condensing is there as well now. On the 15-key deck, we made a Dynamics formatting subfolder to make room for these additional buttons. (It’s not on the XL because there’s plenty of room there without the need for a subfolder.)

XL only

Notation Express XL users have some more new features.

All new Formatting buttons for the Engrave mode subsections: Edit Graphically, Edit Frames, Edit Staff Spacing, Edit Note Spacing, and Graphic Slices.

Finally, a new Create Chord Symbol Region button in Staff Text rounds out this update.


Existing for Notation Express and Notation Express XL for Dorico users will have already received an e-mail notification about the update, which is free for registered users. If you missed the e-mail, you can always obtain your downloads by logging into your account at Notation Central, or by going to the Retrieve Files page and entering your e-mail address.


  1. João Luiz

    Great work Philip! Do you have any plans on making Stream Deck compatible with Finale?

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, João! The main impediment is a lack of a way to customize global shortcuts in Finale (without using another program like Keyboard Maestro). If something materializes we’ll be sure to announce it here!

      1. João Luiz

        Thank you Philip for the answer. I had suspicions that something with Finale could be the problem for not having a version of Stream Deck. I like Finale a lot, but it seams that each year things progress slow with true updates to the development of a modern program. I have Dorico SE and intend to buy the Pro version as soon as my work situation backs to normal (in Brazil I am without job for 2 months and without a date when things will come to a certain normality).

  2. Ronald M Krentzman

    Will there be an update for Dorico 4?

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