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On the Scoring Notes podcast, David MacDonald and Philip Rothman talk about several simple but incredibly useful applications that will help you with tasks related to managing music files on the computer: batch file renaming and PDF processing utilities. Listen now:

Scoring Notes
Scoring Notes
File renaming and PDF batch utilities


The popular PDF Batch Utilities, available from our Notation Central marketplace on a pay-what-you-wish basis, have been updated recently to fix several issues that appeared on macOS Big Sur (macOS 11).

A free update is available for the following products:

PDF-MusicBinder 1.3 running on macOS Big Sur


This is a free update for all registered users of the PDF Batch Utilities.

There are no new features in this update. However, the code for all of these apps has been updated on Mac and Windows, and the following issues on Mac have been resolved, when using macOS Big Sur (mac OS 11):

  • Intermittent crashing on all PDF batch utilities
  • UI problems that were not present when using these applications on earlier versions of the Mac operating system
  • On PDF-MusicBinder, an issue where the quantities of copies cannot be changed to anything other than “1”
  • On PDF-BatchStitch, an issue where the files disappear in the application interface after stitching them together

For this reason, we recommend that all users update to the latest versions of these utilities as soon as possible.

If you already had a registered copy of one or more of these applications, you already received an email notification about these updates, unless you opted out of receiving notifications.

Other changes

Some basic installation documentation is now provided with the apps; however, for full documentation, consult the instructions provided online for each specific application, located on the product’s Instructions tab.

Special thanks

Special thanks to Yiyang Wang, who troubleshooted and updated the most recent version of applications to run on current operating systems, and also complied the Mac versions of the apps. We have huge gratitude for Yiyang’s efforts!

Thanks to Abraham Lee for developing these apps and providing the code so that we could troubleshoot, and for re-compiling the latest Windows versions.

And thanks to all of the users who reported the issues. In sorting out these issues, I have even more respect for what our developer friends have to deal with all of the time!


More information about these applications

Support our efforts

If you have supported the development of the PDF Batch Utilities at NYC Music Services by contributing, thank you! We truly appreciate your support.

If you obtained the utilities for free, and you use them, we have a humble request:

Would you please support our efforts by donating?

We have more significant updates planned in the future, but we can only do it with your help.

Your support makes these utilities available for everyone to use and helps us maintain compatibility with the latest versions of computer operating systems.


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