Notation Express for Dorico 3


At NYC Music Services we’ve just released an update to our popular Notation Express profile for the Stream Deck console and Stream Deck Mobile app for iOS, and Notation Express XL for the Stream Deck XL console. Today’s update adds some new buttons to take advantage of some features introduced in Dorico Pro 3. Comments, harp pedaling, the Edit Lyrics window, increase/decrease dynamics, extend to note and selection, harmonics, and condensing are among the new items included in the update (some features are only included in Notation Express XL).

What’s new

In the Staff text folder (Notation Express) or Text folder (Notation Express XL), we’ve added support for Add and Reply to Comment, Calculate Harp Pedals, and the Edit Lyrics window. In Filters > Others you’ll find a new Comments filter.

Over in the Dynamics folder you’ll see Increase and Decrease Dynamics.

XL only

Notation Express XL users have some more new features.

In Notes > More Notes, we’ve added Extend to Next Note and Extend to End of Selection. And in Noteheads & Harmonics (renamed from Noteheads) you’ll see new harmonics buttons.

In View, Modes, Options, there are new toggles for Comments and Condensing. And while it’s not technically a Dorico 3 update, in Bars, Barlines, Brackets, Repeats, there’s a new Normal barline — helpful if you write senza misura and need a barline every now and then.


This is a free update for all registered users of Notation Express and Notation Express XL for Dorico, for both Mac and Windows. Here’s how to get the update:

  • Go to the Notation Express web site
  • Find Order Lookup / Get Updates and click Order Lookup
  • Enter your e-mail address and click Find Order
  • When you see your product listed, click Email me the Link
  • Check your e-mail for a link to the latest update


The Stream Deck profile for Dorico 3 can be opened separately from your existing Stream Deck profile for Dorico in the Stream Deck desktop app. You can then delete the old profile if you wish, or if you have customized it, you may wish to copy any existing customizations over to the new Dorico 3 profile.

The Notation Express installer will install the latest shortcut support file which includes support for both Notation Express and Notation Express XL. Be aware that this will reset your shortcuts to Notation Express defaults, so if you have customized your shortcuts to diverge from the Notation Express defaults, it is advised that you make a backup of the support file before running the installer. See page 4 of the documentation.

We’re also including an installer and profile for Dorico 2, for users that have not upgraded to Dorico 3. There are no new features in this version and it will not be updated further, so if you already have the latest Notation Express profile for Dorico 2 and haven’t yet upgraded to Dorico 3, you do not need to do anything at this time.


Under the radar we’ve added one new button in the Sibelius profile, to both Notation Express and Notation Express XL: Add Comment. Like its Dorico counterpart, you’ll find it in the Staff text folder (Notation Express) or Text folder (Notation Express XL). Follow the same directions above to grab the updated Stream Deck profile for Sibelius. You don’t need to run the installer again, as the keyboard shortcut profile and other support files have not otherwise changed.


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