Notation Express demo available


At NYC Music Services we’ve made a demo of Notation Express available for anyone to try. Notation Express is our custom-designed profile for the Stream Deck console that makes powerful notation features in Sibelius and Dorico accessible via an easy-to-use touch interface.

The demo gives you a sense of what it’s like to use Notation Express, but it includes just a small subset of the hundreds of functions in the paid version, and is not intended to make you super-productive — that’s what the paid version is for, of course — but you can generally see how it all works and do a few useful things with it.

Some folders in the demo do not contain any actions, while others have quite a few. The demo uses the default shortcuts of Sibelius or Dorico and does not include any of the custom keyboard shortcut files or plug-ins that give Notation Express its true power.

Of course, in order to use Notation Express, you need the 15-key Stream Deck console OR the Stream Deck Mobile app from Elgato (purchased separately), and either Sibelius or Dorico. The Stream Deck console and Stream Deck Mobile are not included with either the demo or the paid version of Notation Express.

You can use the demo for as long as you like, but if you’re using the demo with Stream Deck Mobile, be aware that there is only a 3-day trial before you have to start paying for a subscription to the Stream Deck Mobile app.

The paid version of the Notation Express profile is not a subscription — it is a one time purchase of $29.

If you have an iPhone, load it up and see how you like it before you buy it!


  1. Luis Acosta

    Other than the fact that I presently have utter disdain for the subscription model, the Notation Express technology is very cool.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Luis! Just to be clear, the paid version of the Notation Express profile is not a subscription — it is a one time purchase of $29, and I’ve updated the post to reflect that. Unfortunately we do not have any control over the Stream Deck mobile app subscription pricing model. But if you use it regularly I think the hours saved will be worth it compared to the pennies a day the app costs :-)

  2. Luis Acosta

    I would have to agree with you if I did what you do. Lately I’ve been doing arranging as a direct result of adding NotePerformer 3 to Sibelius. I’m still discovering things Sibelius can do even after using Sibelius since ver.4. So maybe I might get to the point of needing to save time on workflow. But I’m ever so glad I bought Sibelius before it became a lease. And if I ever got to the point of needing Stream Deck, I’d more than likely get the Notation Express profile. (Assuming I understand correctly that the profile only works if one has Stream Deck).

  3. Luis Acosta

    BTW, I got NP3 because of your blog about it and the great deal you made your readers aware of.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Luis! That’s correct, the profile only works with either the Stream Deck hardware console or the Stream Deck Mobile app.

  4. Luis Acosta

    Or? So the hardware isn’t necessary. I don’t know why that wasn’t apparent to me before. Maybe because I don’t have an iPhone. I have an iPad, but still, you said it’s a subscription. I did, however, have a senior moment and forgot that you said iPhone and looked on the Google play store and found several macro type apps. Hmm. Maybe there are still options.

  5. Mike Philcox

    I have downloaded the trial version of Notation Express for use with my iPad and am impressed enough I will likely end up getting a regular Steam Deck or possibly the larger XL version. If I purchase Notation Express now but later get Stream Deck XL, will the imminent “upgraded” version of Notation Express adapted to XL’s larger number of keys be free to present owners or cost additional money? Regardless, congratulations on a very useful piece of software.

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Mike! I’m still sorting that out, but if and when “Notation Express XL” is released, it will either be a free or modest upgrade for existing users.

  6. Antonio Spagnolo

    All this is wonderful! But nothing about a Finale version of the app?

    1. Philip Rothman

      The main impediment to a Finale version is that Finale doesn’t allow the user to program global shortcuts in the same way that Sibelius and Dorico do, at least not yet.

      1. Antonio Spagnolo

        Thank you…so, at moment, I try to solve partially this problem using Keyboard Maestro, but your app is fantastic.

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