The Scoring Notes Product Guide


At Scoring Notes we’ve covered nearly every release of the most popular desktop music notation programs since 2015. When an update comes out, whether it’s a blockbuster new version or a “point fix” you’ll find timely information about it right here.

Time marches on, though, and news of a release is always eclipsed by some other tidbit. What if you were reading Scoring Notes and wanted a quick place to find out all of the most recent information about your favorite software program, as well as others you might be interested in? Surprisingly, we didn’t have such a place — until today.

To remedy that, I’m pleased to introduce the Scoring Notes Product Guide. For each of Dorico, Finale, MuseScore, and Sibelius, you’ll get at-a-glance information telling you the date of their latest update, the most current version, supported operating systems, and quick links to the most recent news and reviews on Scoring Notes you’ve come to expect, all in one place for the first time.

The Scoring Notes Product Guide

In addition, clicking on any of the image blocks will take you to a page where you can browse all Scoring Notes posts tagged with that software, including not just news and reviews, but tips, tutorials, and more.

Although we cover lots of products on Scoring Notes, our bread-and-butter is desktop music notation software, so that’s what the Product Guide will feature, at least for now. Perhaps in the future we will expand the scope of the Product Guide!

You’ll find the Product Guide in the menu so you can access it from any page on Scoring Notes. Be sure to bookmark it for easy reference.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Dave Hanson

    Philip, this is a wonderful reference-many thanks for doing it. A lot of important info available at one look, like OS compatibility, for one. Well done!

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Dave!

  2. Hermann Schroeder

    Thank you very much, Philip! This Product Guide is really worth another donation!

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Hermann! It’s very much appreciated!

  3. Alfredo

    Great work, Philip!

    1. Philip Rothman

      Thanks, Alfredo!

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