Explore Scoring Notes this summer


Summer is here! What does that mean? Time to catch up on Scoring Notes, of course!

Who could have possibly predicted the past six months of our lives? It feels like a million years ago we were at the 2020 NAMM Show, speaking with industry leaders.

Since then, it’s been uncharted territory for all of us. More than anything, our wish for our readers is to stay safe and healthy during this unpredictable time.

If you’re looking to catch up on what you might have missed, or just seeking out some diversions, head over to our archive, where we’ve got every Scoring Notes post sorted both by category and by date. And to find something specific, the handy search bar on every page will assist.

Despite the upheaval across the globe, the first half of 2020 has been chock-full of activity from all corners of the world of music notation software and related technology. We expect that the news, reviews, tips, tutorials, opinions, and more will continue apace, after a break to recharge our batteries.

And in case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve started a new podcast, in which we’ve already had insightful and engaging conversations on everything from score preparation tips to the latest software updates. If you like this blog, and you like podcasts, you’ll love the Scoring Notes podcast, so please take a moment to rate, review, and subscribe to it on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Don’t forget to head over to Notation Central, our new marketplace for fonts, utilities, templates, plug-ins, sheet music, and more, including many of the products you read about right here on Scoring Notes.

We might be taking a short break, but each day you’ll find a selected post shared on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so if you don’t know where to start, let those suggestions be your guide.

So enjoy your summer (or winter, if you’re down under), enjoy Scoring Notes, and we’ll be back soon!


  1. Audrey Elaine Simonson

    Are you a help to me in getting a song I wrote printed in legible form? I’ve been trying to use Musescore and am stuck at the end of one line………..?

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