Ask your questions on the Scoring Notes podcast

Scoring Notes
Ask your questions on the Scoring Notes podcast

Have you ever listened to an episode of the Scoring Notes podcast and wished you could ask a question directly on the show? No?! Never had that desire? But now that I’ve mentioned the possibility, it sounds like something you’d want to do, right…? Right?

Seriously, we actually do get a lot of questions and suggestions for the podcast, and many of those have made it onto the show in one way or another.

But for our next episode, we thought we’d open up the phone lines directly, so to speak.

So, now’s your chance to ask a question about anything in the world of music notation software and related technology — or really, any one of the adjacent subjects we’ve covered on the Scoring Notes podcast or web site, and we may feature it on our next episode.

Send us your questions

Just record your question as a voice memo and drop it directly here, or send it as an email attachment or as a file-sharing link to We’d love it if you provide your name (first name only is OK), where in the world you’re calling from, and what music notation software you use — or if you don’t use it at all (yes, we have quite a few listeners in that camp).

If you’re shy, you can alternatively write your question in an email and send it to us. But, where’s the fun in that? (Well, there might be some fun in hearing David read your question in his booming baritone on the air, I’ll admit.)

Send us your question no later than Wednesday, April 19, 2023, so that we have time to consider it and do the many hours of scholarly research that will no doubt be required, and to formulate a worthy reply in time for our next podcast episode.

Thank you

We’ve had the tremendous opportunity to talk with many of the prominent people in our field in the three years since we started making the podcast, and we’re so excited to hear directly from the most important people: you, our listeners. Thanks for listening and we can’t wait to answer your questions!

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