22 in 22: All NorFonts are on sale for 22% off


At Notation Central, we’ve got a sale on: with 22% off nearly every product in the store, from Tuesday, November 22 through Wednesday, December 14, 2022. That’s 22% off, on the 22nd of November 2022, for 22 days! Just use the promo code 22IN22 at checkout to apply the savings.

So, periodically during the sale period, we’ll feature one of those products right here on Scoring Notes.

All of the NorFonts distributed through Notation Central are eligible for the 22% off discount. This is the beautiful and growing catalog of music and text fonts designed by Nor Eddine Bahha, who in the past two years has fully embraced SMuFL font design, giving Dorico and Finale v27 users a wide variety of styles to choose from to give their music a distinctive look.

Music fonts 22% off (stackable with 25% discount)

All of the music fonts sold by NorFonts are 22% off with the code 22IN22. This includes the brand-new Mezza font, an elegant engraved font emulating the Henle Verlag Style with a standard (Mezza Std) and lighter appearance (Mezza):

The Mezza font by NorFonts, in Dorico

Or, for a handwritten look, there are several, like The Copyist, a collection of handwritten music and text fonts, that, Nordine says, has “lots of personality. Nothing else will get you as close to the look and feel of the classic Broadway scores in the style of East Coast copyists”:

The Copyist font by NorFonts, in Dorico

All of the NorFonts SMuFL fonts work with Finale v27, too.

For instance, if you convert a Maestro-based document to one that uses a handwritten-style SMuFL font with thick stem weights and barlines, the effect is very pronounced. Here’s what it looks like when converting the Finale default Maestro to The Copyist:

This allows you to get the full benefits of all of the design elements of a SMuFL font in a Finale file in one click, without laboriously changing each engraving setting manually.

Read more on Scoring Notes about the improved SMuFL integration with Finale, beginning with Finale v27.1 and continuing with v27.2.

What’s more, the NorFonts sale is stackable with the ongoing discount of 25% off if you purchase two or more NorFonts SMuFL fonts at the same time. Just enter the code SMUFLME at checkout for an additional 25% off, bringing the total savings to over 40% off the regular price. This includes Da Capo, Mezza, Mezzo, Soli, Tutti, Scordatura, BopMusic, RealScore, Rhapsody, The Copyist, and Groove.

All of Nordine’s “legacy” fonts for Sibelius and Finale are on sale, too, which means that if you get the NorFonts Music Font Bundle, you can pick up BopMusic, LeadSheet, NorPen, and RealScore for a total of just $77.99.

The LeadSheet font by NorFonts, in Sibelius

Text fonts 22% off

All of Nordine’s text fonts are on sale at 22% off with the code 22IN22. Choose from a wide variety of handwritten text fonts, like NorB Pen Cased:

NorB Pen Cased, from Nor Eddine Bahha

Or, if you fancy yourself an architect (or know someone who is), you might be interested in NorB Architect:

NorB Architect, from Nor Eddine Bahha

Sale ends December 14, 2022

Whatever your style, there’s surely something to give your scores the look you’ve been waiting for. Peruse all the NorFonts on Notation Central, but don’t delay, though; this sale is only good through December 14, 2022, after which the 22IN22 code will no longer be valid. Enjoy!


  1. José Morales

    Greetings! Thank you for all the information and tips you provide!!! Could you clarify the following: Although Sibelius does not “officially” support SMuFl fonts, would it be possible to use the Mezza and Copyist fonts without too many complications? Or would Sibelius simply not recognize the fonts?

    It would be a pity to not be able to purchase and use these beautiful fonts.

    Any advice?

    With anticipated thanks,
    José Morales

  2. Nor Eddine Bahha

    Hi José,

    You can pick The Copyist (non-smufl version) for Sibelius and Finale from this link: https://www.notationcentral.com/product/the-copyist-for-sibelius-and-finale/

    While for Mezza and all my other engraver music (non-smufl) fonts, they will be available for use with Sibelius and Finale before falling 2022—I hope.

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