A nip here, a tuck there


If you’re an “avid” reader of this blog, you may have noticed that it quietly received a modest face-lift a couple of days ago.

Since taking over the blog in the fall of last year, I’ve enjoyed hearing from a wide range of fellow Sibelius users about many topics. Sometimes, though, folks understandably mistook me for an official representative of Sibelius, and asked for assistance registering and installing the software, which I was unable to provide.

So I wanted to refresh the blog just a bit to help make the distinction clearer. My company, NYC Music Services, is a music preparation service based in New York City, and we’re hosting and maintaining the blog independently. In addition to using Sibelius, we use Finale, Logic, and other software daily in our work, just like many readers of this blog.

The blog, before and after the refresh
The blog, before and after the refresh

If you have comments about this blog or suggestions for future posts, including writing a guest post yourself, please feel free to be in touch! If you have a question about Sibelius registration, feature requests, or bug reports, try contacting Sibelius tech support.

Onwards with more posts very soon!


  1. Jim

    Surely I can’t be the only one that had *no* idea this *wasn’t* an official Sibelius blog.

    I usually only read the blog from my RSS reader, and there’s no indication in the RSS feed that this isn’t official. Even on the blog page itself, the only real indication is the “Legal” disclaimer placed at the bottom of the right hand column.

  2. Laurence Payne

    I suggested the same change when Daniel was running the blog – not particularly to diviorce it from Avid, but because the heavily-coloured border was obtrusive, drawing the eye away from the content.
    For the same reason, the heavily-emphasised File menu header in Sibelius itself is a bad idea.

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