22 in 22: Scoring Express on sale for 22% off


At Notation Central, we’ve got a sale on: with 22% off nearly every product in the store, from Tuesday, November 22 through Wednesday, December 14, 2022. That’s 22% off, on the 22nd of November 2022, for 22 days! Just use the promo code 22IN22 at checkout to apply the savings.

So, periodically during the sale period, we’ll feature one of those products right here on Scoring Notes.

What better way to kick off the sale than with Scoring Express, our collection of professional templates based on the same templates we use at NYC Music Services.

22% off Scoring Express, plus extra savings for the Sibelius and Dorico bundles

This year, we introduced the Chamber, Jazz, and Theatre & Studio packages for Dorico, along with an attractive bundle that includes all three at a significant discount; on the Finale side, we’ve got the Chamber and Theatre & Studio packages ready for you to enjoy.

Sibelius users saw updates across the board, too, with some new features and fixes along with some fine-tuning to make them more closely complement the Scoring Express suites on Dorico and Sibelius. Like with Dorico, the Chamber, Jazz, and Theatre & Studio packages are available; all three appear in a discounted bundle.

Speaking of the bundles: the Sibelius and Dorico bundles are ordinarily $45 off compared to buying each genre separately, so this is a great opportunity to pick up the bundle of all the Sibelius collections or the bundle of all the Dorico collections and stack your savings by using the 22IN22 code for an incredible value of $80 off. It’s like buying the Chamber and Jazz collections and getting the Theatre & Studio one for free, and still having $5 left over in your pocket!

Here’s a 2-minute overview of Scoring Express:

Getting started with Scoring Express

We’ve recently released video tutorials for how to get the most out of Scoring Express for Dorico and Finale. Narrated by Leo Nicholson and Joseph Trefler, the very same experts who created the templates, these videos will help you get quickly up and running.

Here’s the Dorico version:


Here’s the Finale version:


And here’s the Sibelius version, narrated by yours truly:

Read all about Scoring Express

Want to learn even more? Here’s our extensive Scoring Notes post from earlier this year, where we go into detail about all that Scoring Express has to offer.

Get Scoring Express

Time to pick up Scoring Express at the best price of the year, and make your music look as good as it sounds! Get Scoring Express today, and apply the code 22IN22 for 22% off.


  1. Justina Feld

    I am curious about one aspect I see in the example photos.

    It seems that whenever there is a chord symbol and a dynamic at the same time, the chord symbol gets moved over to the right, often to the next 8th note, which looks a bit confusing to me. Is this the desired behavior, and is this a setting that can be easily altered?

    1. Philip Rothman

      Hi Justina,

      Yes, you can certainly alter this if you like. We’ve gone with Darcy James Argue’s expert recommendations here, which instruct us to left-align chord symbols, which, while getting the best results most of the time, can occasionally make certain chord symbols appear further to the right than you might be accustomed to seeing.

      1. Justina Feld

        Left-alligned chord symbols are great.
        However, I’m talking about collisions with dynamics, in which case it seems that the dynamic clearly wins here. Look at the example photos (bar 1 of “There Is A Light” PV, or several places in “Take-Off” Conductor).

        1. Joseph Trefler

          Hi Justina,

          The default behavior depends on which software you’re using.

          In Finale, there’s no collision avoidance built into the software so those sorts of collisions need to be resolved manually.

          In Sibelius, the magnetic layout settings for chord symbols govern how collisions get resolved. Those settings can be changed by going to the Layout tab > Magnetic layout, selecting “Chord symbol” from the list, and altering the “Avoid collisions” settings. If you’d prefer that chord symbols only move up and down rather than left and right to avoid collisions, you can uncheck the left and right boxes and check the up and down boxes. You’ll need to play around with the numbers in the up and down fields, but I might start with, say, 3 spaces.

          If you’re using Dorico, we may need to get Leo in on this to help you out!

          Hope that’s helpful!


  2. Tom

    Is there a Black Friday discount that can be used in combination with a student price?

    1. Philip Rothman

      Hi Tom – I’m sorry, but we do not offer any student discounts. The 22% off is the best discount available.

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