22 in 22: November music font on sale for 22% off


At Notation Central, we’ve got a sale on: with 22% off nearly every product in the store, from Tuesday, November 22 through Wednesday, December 14, 2022. That’s 22% off, on the 22nd of November 2022, for 22 days! Just use the promo code 22IN22 at checkout to apply the savings.

So, periodically during the sale period, we’ll feature one of those products right here on Scoring Notes.

November, a premium music font, on sale for 22% off

We’re thrilled to have for sale November 2 by Robert Piéchaud, praised for years by musicians, publishers and engravers as one of the finest and most vivid fonts ever designed for music notation software. Normally $89.99, it’s on sale for just $70.19 after applying the code 22IN22 at checkout.

November 2, used in Finale

This premium font comes with extensive documentation for use in Finale, Sibelius, and Dorico. November 2 was the first commercial font developed for SMuFL (Standard Music Font Layout), and Dorico users will be particularly pleased that switching to it is as easy as clicking a button.

Robert Piéchaud is an invaluable contributor to the music notation software community. If you use Finale, you’ve likely been the beneficiary of Robert’s work in achieving more realistic playback, automation, and more. In addition to creating November, Robert is the creator of Medieval 2 (also available at Notation Central), a comprehensive solution for creating early music in Finale.

November has been updated several times since its initial release — all free for existing users, and currently stands at version 2.3, with new glyphs and improvements.

We asked Robert what was unique about November 2. He said, “That’s hard to answer without showing off! But let me risk giving you some hints anyway: It is a font with a very distinctive warm, inky look that has been designed with the utmost attention to detail. And it is a font with very good SMuFL support, notably in terms of its many glyphs and metadata.”

An excerpt from Robert Piéchaud’s arrangement of Charles Ives’ Variations on America, for wind sextet, using the November font

What to expect with November 2

Robert said, “November 2 comes with a lot of extras. It is a font that potentially targets all major music notation environments, with specific goodies for each platform. It includes comprehensive, multi-language PDF documentation (English, French and German so far), metadata (for Dorico for instance), libraries and templates (for Finale, Sibelius or Lilypond), plug-ins (for Sibelius and Finale), and even legacy fonts (November “1”) for very old versions of Finale.”

He also notes: “November is not free, and one might say it is not cheap, but users get free (and permanent) technical support from my publisher, Klemm Music Technology, and all updates of version 2.x are and will be free for registered users.”

November is well-suited to portraying any type of “classical” music, Robert said, “in the broad sense of the word, that is, a music that is graphically rich already. Baroque, Renaissance, and avant-garde music are known to look particularly compelling with November 2.”

An excerpt from Robert Piéchaud’s Wittgenstein-Lieder for voice and ensemble, using the November font

Sale ends December 14, 2022

November 2 is available at Notation Central in a single-user license, 10-user license, and 25-user license. Also available at Notation Central and on sale with the code 22IN22 is Medieval 2, Robert’s comprehensive solution for creating early music in Finale.

Whatever your style, there’s surely something to give your scores the look you’ve been waiting for. Peruse all the fonts on Notation Central, but don’t delay, though; this sale is only good through December 14, 2022, after which the 22IN22 code will no longer be valid. Enjoy!

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