22 in 22: Notation Express on sale for 22% off


At Notation Central, we’ve got a sale on: with 22% off nearly every product in the store, from Tuesday, November 22 through Wednesday, December 14, 2022. That’s 22% off, on the 22nd of November 2022, for 22 days! Just use the promo code 22IN22 at checkout to apply the savings.

So, periodically during the sale period, we’ll feature one of those products right here on Scoring Notes.

For Cyber Monday, we’re featuring Notation Express, a custom-designed profile for the Stream Deck console and the Stream Deck Mobile app for iOS and Android that makes powerful Sibelius Ultimate and Dorico Pro features fun and easy to use.

22% off Notation Express, plus extra savings for the 15-key + XL bundles

Notation Express includes hundreds of commands that are just a touch or two away, with an intuitive layout and beautiful icons. If you have Sibelius Ultimate or Dorico Pro and you have a Stream Deck or an iPhone or Android phone, you need Notation Express!

And, if you’re lucky enough to have both Stream Deck and/or Stream Deck Mobile and Stream Deck XL (see the above photo), you can save even more by purchasing the bundle for the 15-key and XL versions of Notation Express for just $38.99 — with the 22-in-22 sale, that’s more than 40% off the individual regular price if purchased separately.

Here’s the full range of products available, along with the discounts by using the code 22IN22:

Discounts for Dorico 4 upgraders, too

If you purchased Notation Express or Notation Express XL for Dorico 3.5 or earlier, and you haven’t yet updated your profile, you’re eligible for an upgrade to Notation Express or Notation Express XL, respectively, for Dorico 4.

You can read all about the benefits of Notation Express for Dorico 4, when we completely rebuilt the profiles for Dorico 4 earlier this year to take advantage of Dorico 4’s ability to receive commands directly from Stream Deck, instead of relying upon a custom key command profile as the intermediary.

The 22% discount applies to these upgrades, too, as follows:

For full details and updating instructions, see this page.

Don’t forget: a discount of 50% is currently available on new licenses, crossgrades, updates and upgrades for Dorico Pro 4 and Dorico Elements 4 in the Steinberg online shop and at selected reseller partners, but only through November 30.

Get Stream Deck and Stream Deck XL on sale

If you don’t already have a Stream Deck or Stream Deck XL, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday time can be a great time to find them on sale.

The Stream Deck and Stream Deck XL consoles can be found at Amazon. Those prices can vary, but the last we checked, the prices were as follows:

Many other retailers carry the Stream Decks as well, so shop around to see if you can find a good deal.

What’s next

We’ve received some great feedback about Notation Express. Many users have had questions about what’s next for Notation Express. Here are some of the most common questions and answers.

Will you be updating Notation Express/XL for Dorico 4 to take advantage of more features introduced in Dorico 4 through 4.3?

Yes. Hopefully this will happen either late in 2022 or early in 2023. Now that Dorico 4.3 has been released, we have a clear sense of the full scope of Dorico 4, and can build additional features into Notation Express for Dorico. This will be a free update to users of Notation Express for Dorico 4 and Notation Express XL for Dorico 4.

Will you be updating Notation Express/XL for Sibelius Ultimate to take advantage of the latest features?

Yes, but this will most likely come after the Dorico update. We are approaching saturation of the keyboard shortcut profile and want to avoid interfering with the default Sibelius shortcuts, so we need to proceed carefully. However, we have some ideas about what can be done. We also hope that, in the future, Sibelius will allow direct connection of Stream Deck via Remote Control, but this remains to be seen.

What happened to Notation Express for MuseScore?

We built a great Notation Express profile for MuseScore 3, but because MuseScore 4 is being completely overhauled, we are no longer offering or updating Notation Express for MuseScore 3. Once MuseScore 4 is released, we will evaluate it and hope to re-introduce Notation Express for MuseScore 4.


  1. Derrek

    Have you looked at the StreamDeck Plus to see if it is worth your while to write a version of Notation Express that uses its dials and button/screen layout?

    1. Philip Rothman

      Yes, I’ve looked at it, but it’s too early to tell if it will be worth it to support it with Notation Express.

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