First look at the new Bravura music font used in Sibelius

Introduced by Steinberg last week, the new Bravura music font is the first to conform to the proposed Standard Music Font Layout, or SMuFL, which is under active development. Rather than using a mnemonic approach to character mapping like most current music fonts (such as Sibelius’s fonts), Bravura aims to take advantage of the benefits of […]

Best interview of the year

If you love music and music notation software (whether it be Sibelius or otherwise), it doesn’t get much better than this 75-minute interview from SoundNotion with Daniel Spreadbury, posted over the holiday weekend here in the U.S.   No, it’s not Mike Wallace interviewing rogue world leaders — it’s five guys talking about the history, […]

New and updated plug-ins, part 2

Earlier this week I featured five new or newly updated plug-ins by developer Kenneth Gaw. Today I’m happy to feature three new plug-ins by Bob Zawalich, who, along with his fellow developers, has saved untold Sibelius users countless hours, freeing us to do far more important things. All of these plug-ins may be downloaded directly […]

New and updated plug-ins, part 1

Savvy Sibelius users have been treated to a bounty of new and updated plug-ins in recent weeks. In this first post I’ll highlight plug-ins created by Kenneth Gaw. Later in the week I’ll focus on Bob Zawalich’s plug-ins. It’s worth saying here that Kenneth, Bob, and all the other independent developers who spends countless hours […]