New plug-in: Rhythm Paste

In Sibelius it is often very useful, as the Reference says, “to be able to change the pitches of a sequence of notes/chords without re-creating their rhythm.” To do this, there is a feature called Re-input Pitches where you copy existing music from a source to a target staff, and re-input the pitches without concerning […]

New plug-in: Add Interval

Plug-in guru Bob Zawalich has added a new plug-in, Add Interval, that fills a void in Sibelius’s abilities to manipulate notes by interval. Currently, one can add notes above existing notes, but only by diatonic intervals. It’s also possible to transpose by chromatic interval, but then one loses the original notes (in other words, there […]

Block click-through on Mac in Sibelius 7

On the Mac, if you are working in another application and use the mouse to switch to Sibelius 6 (or earlier versions) by clicking anywhere on your score, your click will not actually do anything other than switch your Mac’s focus to Sibelius, which may be exactly what you want. However, in Sibelius 7, such […]