Abbey Road anthem competition open for entries

To celebrate the 80th birthday of the world-famous studios in London, Abbey Road is staging a competition to find the next great choral anthem. Up to ten composers will have their original works recorded in Studio One, under the direction of Eric Whitacre, one of the world’s most popular contemporary choral composers. The competition will […]

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra reads student’s Sibelius score

Young composer Jared Richardson was profiled this past weekend in the Times Colonist newspaper in Canada. Having only started composing a couple of years ago, this 17-year-old high school student has had a piece read by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra at a free public performance this past Monday. The piece, Riders of the West, was […]

Typing notes in text

Sometimes you might need to show note symbols in the middle of a run of regular text. Sibelius makes this as easy as pie. Simply right-click during input of most kinds of text (e.g. Technique text, Plain text, etc.) to see the useful word menu, which contains a number of common musical symbols. Click on […]

Sibelius helps The Sound of Mumbai to the screen

When Cambridge graduate and horn player Joseph Walters decided in 1998 to travel to India to learn the tabla after completing his studies, he fell in love with the country. But he had no idea that ten years later he would be returning with director Sarah McCarthy to make a film about a group of […]

Four types of selection in Sibelius

A couple of days ago, I wrote that one of the axioms of efficient use of Sibelius is: “Copy, don’t reinput.” With that in mind, I thought it was worth reinforcing one of the corollaries of that axiom, concerning the four types of selection in Sibelius. Those four types are as follows: single selection, where […]

Getting selective with filters

One of the axioms for efficient use of Sibelius is: “Copy, don’t re-input.” If you can copy and paste something rather than input it again, you’re going to save time. Sibelius provides many ways to copy and paste, including Alt+click, R to repeat something after itself, multicopy (to fill one or more staves with one […]