Michael Zev Gordon’s Allele scored in Sibelius

Coming up in July are three opportunities to hear a remarkable new choral work in which singers sing parts derived directly from their own genetic code. The new piece, Allele, by Michael Zev Gordon, with text by poet Ruth Padel, will be performed by the New London Chamber  Choir (NLCC), under the direction of James […]

Useful plug-ins for handling rests in voices

This post is written by Bob Zawalich, author of more than 200 plug-ins for Sibelius. Adding notes in a new voice can create a number of rests that you may not want to see. There are a number of plug-ins available that can help. Some of these will run in Sibelius versions as early as […]

How many displays do you have?

Here’s a little question for you for the weekend: what kind of computer do you run Sibelius on, and how many displays do you have attached to that computer? [polldaddy poll=3341092] What’s your ideal configuration for running Sibelius? Do you prefer having, for example, one portrait monitor to show a whole page of music, and […]

Working with lyric hyphens

Continuing a series of posts about lyrics in Sibelius, today I’m writing about lyric hyphens. The humble hyphen plays a central role in your lyrics… literally. It appears between different syllables to make sure that you can tell that the word is split between two or more notes. Man in the middle If you ever […]

Traditional lyrics beaming and slurs on melismas

Continuing a series of posts looking at lyrics in Sibelius, today I’m going to talk about a couple of plug-ins that can help you achieve a traditional appearance for the lyrics in your scores. Beaming In vocal music published until the middle of the last century, it was customary for beams to be broken for […]

Adding extra lines of lyrics

Continuing a series of posts about lyrics in Sibelius, today we’re going to talk about adding extra lines of lyrics. Each line of lyrics uses its own text style. This has lots of advantages, such as allowing you to change the font or point size in one operation, making it easy to select all the lyrics […]

Making lyrics something to sing about

One of the mature music notation programs recently touted lyrics that “instantly appear exactly as they’ll print out” as one of the major new features of a new version that costs in the region of $150 for their existing users to upgrade. Sibelius users have enjoyed lyrics that look exactly as they will be printed […]

A brief history of music printing

A few years ago, Ben and Jonathan Finn, the original creators of Sibelius, were interviewed for a TV programme here in the UK for The Open University for the TA212 Technology of Music course. The programme’s synopsis is as follows: From the middle of the 15th century onwards, the intellectual and cultural life of the […]