Sibelius sound set round-up

It’s been a little while since I mentioned the fine work that Jonathan Loving is doing, providing Sibelius compatibility for a number of third party virtual instruments and sample libraries by creating sound sets and other supporting files to go with them. Partly a labour of love, and partly a shrewd business move, Jonathan has […]

How Sibelius can help musicians with dyslexia

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of running a break-out session at the British Dyslexia Association’s first Music Conference, which was held at the Royal Academy of Music. I was invited to speak about how Sibelius could be used by musicians with dyslexia, and over the course of a lively session we discussed a number […]

Understanding margins in Sibelius

In order to produce a good, consistent and attractive layout, there are many factors you have to consider. First you have to determine page size and staff size, and then from there you need to work out how to ensure there is sufficient white space around the edges of the page, and sufficient distances between […]

Mix and match music fonts

Sibelius includes four complete families of music fonts as standard, each of which has a slightly different look. Opus, the default music font family, has a modern look with elliptical noteheads and strong lines. Helsinki is more traditional in appearance, with rounder noteheads and finer lines. Inkpen2 and Reprise are handwritten in appearance, the former […]