ExploreMusic provides community access to music technology

I was delighted last week to receive an email from Tom Hyland, the manager of ExploreMusic, Gateshead Council’s music library and information service, based in the striking landmark building The Sage Gateshead, which was designed by Lord Norman Foster. Tom told me about the wonderful service that Gateshead Council provides to the local community through […]

NumPad 2.0 for iPhone has dedicated Sibelius mode

I received an email from Luc Vandal of iPhone developer edovia about the release of NumPad 2.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. I’ve blogged about another numeric keypad application before, BALMUDA Design’s Number Key, but NumPad 2.0 takes the concept of an external numeric keypad a whole extra step further by having a dedicated Sibelius […]

Sound on Sound: “Sibelius 6 once again raises the bar”

After we release a new version of Sibelius, the review I most look forward to seeing is the one in Sound on Sound magazine. Their reviews are always comprehensive, fair and balanced, which is why it’s customary to wait several months after the release for the review to appear: Sound on Sound’s editorial team want […]

Hypermusic Prologue revisited

A few months ago I posted a snippet of the manuscript for Hector Parra’s opera, Hypermusic Prologue. Here it is again: Reader Ilja Panzer commented that he would love to see the equivalent passage in Sibelius. Copyist Katherine Anderson was happy to oblige; here it is: To see the example above at a much larger […]

Changing music font in an existing score

One of the simplest ways to make your scores stand out from the crowd is to adjust the fonts used. Sibelius makes it really easy to change music fonts at any point in a project, and there are two ways to do it. Edit All Fonts The simplest way to change the music font used […]