A morning with John Rutter

One of the world’s best-loved contemporary composers of choral and instrumental music alike, John Rutter is also an important and respected music editor. I recently had the very great pleasure of going to meet with the man himself at his Cambridgeshire home on a beautiful August morning. We talked about his work as a composer, his […]

It’s The Little Things: View > Handles

I hope you’ll excuse the whimsical illustration. Today’s little thing is View > Handles, a small but useful improvement that makes certain operations much easier than before. Many objects in Sibelius have handles, small square boxes that appear when the object is selected, normally to show you that the object has multiple parts that can […]

Composer Charles B. Griffin switches to Sibelius

The American composer Charles B. Griffin has decided to switch to Sibelius after using Finale for more than 15 years. Griffin’s works have been performed in his hometown of New York, all over the US, and in other countries around the world including central and southern America and Europe. He has also worked as a […]

The story of Sibelius 6: part 4

This is the fourth and final post in a series about the development of Sibelius 6. The previous parts are here, here and here. In the previous posts I’ve explained how we went about tackling two of our threemajor goals for Sibelius 6. In this final part I want to talk about our third, and […]