Links for 2009-06-30

Changing Notation Software Liz Garnett, a prominent arranger and performance coach, has switched from Capella to Sibelius. Her verdict? “I’m quite impressed… there is a certain consistency and logic to it that means finding your way round the comprehensive help files gets easier very quickly.” (tags: sibelius switch)

Composition professor offers tips on composing using software

Kenneth Froelich, who is currently Assistant Professor in Music Composition at California State University, Fresno, has just started a new blog focused on composing music on the computer. He says: I have chosen to focus in on a somewhat controversial topic in this field – composing within music notation software (Finale or Sibelius, specifically). Why? […]

LeRoy early music fonts for Sibelius

Sibelius user and early music expert Steve Horn has been working for many months on a suite of new music and text fonts, together with Sibelius manuscript paper templates and house styles, that make it possible to produce beautifully authentic scores in the style of the early printed music of Adrian (or Adrien) Le Roy, […]

Reviewing the reviews, part 1

Although we have yet to see any reviews of Sibelius 6 appearing in the specialist press, hundreds and hundreds of customers have already upgraded to or bought Sibelius 6 since its launch in May, and a few of them have posted their thoughts online. We’ll start with blogger Freeb, who is an A level music […]

Links for 2009-06-23

Cheap Impostor Recommended to me by my friend Doug Lebow, this PDF imposition utility will prove invaluable if you’re putting together booklets or spreads. Mac only, I’m afraid, but… (tags: software mac imposition osx print pdf) FinePrint …here’s the equivalent program for Windows. I can’t recommend FinePrint highly enough. It makes printing booklets etc. on […]

Links for 2009-06-22

A potential new musical tool Scott Foglesong would love to see Scorch running on the Kindle DX. So would I! No idea whether the Kindle's web browser supports plug-ins like Scorch, though. (tags: scorch sibelius music digital stand)

Hector Parra’s Hypermusic Prologue prepared in Sibelius

One more story from my friend Wim Hoogewerf for today. He says: Last sunday I assisted at the first performance of Hector Parra’s Hypermusic Prologue by the Ensemble InterContemporain at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. A 500-page score, a real engraver’s nightmare (have a look at the picture above!) taken care of by Canadian […]

Using third party virtual instruments with Sibelius

Sibelius user John Glossenger got in touch with me to share his tips for using third party VST and Audio Units virtual instruments with Sibelius. He says: Before I moved to Sibelius (from SONAR), I created about 2,000 presets for my various VSTs, such as Absynth, Pro53 and FM8. I ran into some problems while […]

Learn Sibelius online at

Summer term at, the online continuing education division of Berklee College of Music, begins on June 29th, and Tom Rudolph‘s course, Music Notation Using Sibelius, will be running as usual. There’s still time to enrol if you’re interested in learning about Sibelius through Berklee’s online course system. You can get an idea of how […]