A gem from Steve Reich

Twitter really is a source of endless delight for me. World-famous composer (and Sibelius user) Steve Reich recently joined Twitter. Today, he posted the following tweet: Clapping music score http://i29.tinypic.com/4kv5lu.jpg Here’s a small version of the manuscript for that famous 1972 composition: Follow @SteveReich for more updates from the great man. Update 2004-04-30: So it […]

Links for 2009-04-24

In defense of Twitter Jason Kottke on why Twitter works. In the words of @phoutz, “If Twitter is banal it is because you and I are banal (It’s called social norming)” (tags: twitter communication socialmedia)

Links for 2009-04-17

Jeffrey Zeldman's book “Taking Your Talent to the Web” Jeffrey Zeldman, a very influential web and interaction designer, has made this 2001 book available for free as a PDF download. (tags: design ebook)

Somebody likes our jokes!

I’ve been hanging out on Twitter recently (gadfly of the Internet as I am) and trying to help anybody who pops up with a Sibelius problem, which occasionally happens. A day or two ago I offered some help @librarianjess, who was having problems getting Sibelius installed. (In the end she was able to get Sibelius […]

Goldie’s Proms commission will be scored in Sibelius

BBC Radio 4’s daily culture and arts programme, Front Row, this week interviewed drum-and-bass musician, artist and actor Goldie about his new exhibition, The Kids Are All Riot, and his commission for this summer’s Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. Goldie rose to prominence in the world of classical music last summer when he participated […]

One composer’s journey to Sibelius

Occasionally I receive a great story from a user who wants to share his or her experiences with Sibelius with me. Yesterday I received one such story from composer Peter McAleer, who has been using notation software of one kind or another for the best part of two decades. After the jump is his personal […]