On the “Finalification” of Sibelius

Composer and educator Joshua Harris has just upgraded to Sibelius 5, and has posted a short review, in which he coins the term “Finalification.” This term resonates with me, and perhaps I might be permitted to attempt a (cheeky!) definition: Fi•na•li•fi•ca•tion (fin-ah-li-fi-key-shuhn, fə-nāl’ē-fĭ-kā’shən, noun): an act of masking great power behind bewildering complexity.

The story behind Plogue Bidule

I’ve posted before about our good friends at Plogue Art et Technologie in Montreal. They’re the folks behind the audio engine included in Sibelius 5 that helped make it possible for us to implement support for VST and Audio Units instruments and effects. But the project that is perhaps closest to their hearts is Bidule, […]

Meet me at the Musikmesse

I will be attending the Musikmesse in Frankfurt on Wednesday 1 April and Thursday 2 April 2009, and I would be happy to meet up with any Sibelius users, or indeed anybody else who would be interested in hanging out and having a chat. Drop me an email if you’d like to arrange a meet-up.

How to promote your own music in the Internet age

This post from Florida newspaperman and Sibelius user Greg Stepanich got me thinking. He says: Most composers today who want to be heard have to do everything themselves, founding their own companies, setting up their own distribution networks. The old days of the publisher and his representative have retreated in the face of changes in […]

South African film “White Lion” scored on Sibelius

We hear a lot about high-profile Hollywood (and even the odd British) movie that’s been scored in Sibelius, but I was pleased to hear about the South African film, White Lion, which has been scored in Sibelius. According to ScreenAfrica.com: Howard and Lizzie Rennie worked for three weeks with composer Philip Miller on orchestrating the […]