Sibelius user and guitarist Kevin Callahan interviewed

Kevin Callahan is a Seattle-based guitarist, composer and teacher who happens to be a Sibelius user. I’ve communicated a lot with Kevin over the years: he’s a Mac enthusiast, dabbles in software development, and always has interesting ideas about how Sibelius should be developed. Kevin was recently interviewed by Christopher Davis, who runs The Classical […]

Avid at the 2009 Oscars

There’s a great little piece up on the Avid web site about the 2009 Academy Awards, which were presented last night. It says: We’re honored to announce that the industry’s best chose to use Avid products and solutions in the production of 5 out of 5 films nominated for major awards including: Best Motion Picture, […]

Why choose Sibelius over Finale?

Everybody knows that when you’re looking for professional-quality music notation software, you basically have a choice between Sibelius and Finale, and people sometimes ask me why they should choose Sibelius over Finale. Both are very capable programs, but in my personal opinion, there’s no contest (though perhaps that’s not surprising!). My reasons are below the […]

5 Sibelius plug-ins you should download today

Everybody loves lists, so I’m told. So here’s a list of five extra plug-ins available for download from the Sibelius web site that you should consider adding to your copy of Sibelius today. 1. Narrow Two Voices Sibelius automatically aligns notes in two voices, and when they interlock, it positions them “stem-to-stem”. Some publishers and […]

Tip: Editing instrument names quickly

There are currently almost 200 additional plug-ins for Sibelius available for download from the Sibelius web site. They’re really an incredible resource, and if you’ve never taken the time to have a look at the plug-ins on offer there, you’re strongly recommended to do so. Just about all of those plug-ins have been contributed to […]

Howard Goodall’s advice for young composers

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the award ceremony for the Sibelius Student Composer of the Year 2008 competition, at the Royal Academy of Music in London. All of the runners-up and winners (bar one) in each of the three categories (Jazz, Film, Classical/Contemporary) in the two age groups (11-16 and 17-18) attended, […]