Kirk Hamilton’s album “The Exited Door”

I stumbled across the blog of San Francisco-based multi-instrumentalist Kirk Hamilton, curiously named Murfins and Burglars, this afternoon (what’s a murfin?), and I’m glad I did. Kirk is a talented musician who looks to be quite well-known on the scene in San Francisco, both as a solo artist and as part of the band Squaretape. […]

Tips for quicker and easier note editing

Student Colin Griggs says, bluntly, “Sibelius Sucks.” Colin says that Sibelius’s handling of composition is neither elegant nor beautiful, that Sibelius 5 is rather bloated, and that “everything about it screams awkward.” Naturally, I couldn’t disagree more! But Colin does make a good point regarding what happens to existing notes when you decide to change […]

Student Composer of the Year 2008: winners announced!

Back in December I invited you to vote in the Student Composer of the Year competition, and I hope you managed to find the time to listen to some of the shortlisted entries and vote. Last Monday, the winners were announced. Congratulations to Claire, Will, Steven, Adam, Eunsoeg, Lucy, Thomas, Maya, Ralph, Chris, Danny and […]

Watching your parents grow up

Have you ever rooted around a box of old photos in your parents’ loft and had a good giggle at their crazy hairstyles or kipper ties? Avid founder Bill Warner has posted some photos from the early days of Avid on his blog, and they’re fun. Sibelius was acquired by Avid Technology, Inc. in the […]

Good morning, MTEC09!

This week, my colleagues in Australia are holding the first ever Music Technology in Education Conference, MTEC09. This is the first event of its kind in Australia, and is being attended by more than 200 delegates in Melbourne. From the conference web site: mtec09 is an engaging 3-day national conference in Melbourne, Australia, showcasing current […]

Plogue Chipsounds: oh sweet synchronicity

Plogue Art et Technologie are a particularly smart pair of chaps from Montreal who are very close to our hearts at Sibelius. David and Seb’s audio engine powers the support for VST and AU instruments and effects in Sibelius 5, and they’re also the brains behind the new ARIA sample player at the heart of […]

Computer music 25 years ago

I happened across a post about early notation software, Music Construction Set in particular (I never used the initial MCS program, but I did use Deluxe Music Construction Set for the Commodore Amiga). The Wild Koba has unearthed a 25-year-old episode of a TV program called The Computer Chronicles, which aired in the US and […]

A look inside the composer’s studio

I’ve written before about the composer Michael Berkeley, who is one of our many famous Sibelius users. The picture above is a photo of his composing studio. Although you’ll notice that there’s no computer running Sibelius in frame, Michael does say: “I start with paper and pencil and enjoy the tactile feel of sketching, but […]