Dorico is here: A review

At long last, Steinberg has released Dorico, its new music notation and scoring software. Alexander Plötz takes a detailed look into the new software’s philosophy, its features, and its feature. Andrew Noah Cap and Philip Rothman contribute additional content to this thorough review.

Leipzig Urtext fonts now available from FontShop

Two more Urtext Music Fonts have recently been released and are available now from FontShop. Back in July of this year we covered the release of an extensive set of eight fonts based upon the look of historical music engravings. Designer Stephen Carisse created these fonts, which span a range from the classic musical typography of […]

Urtext fonts for Sibelius now available from FontShop

Judging from the interest in the Bravura font, the pre-release version of the font to be included with Steinberg’s new notation software, Sibelius users are eager for new ways to make their music look even more distinctive and beautiful. With the ubiquity of notation software, each program has certain “tells” that, to the relatively trained […]

Create custom line shapes using font characters in Sibelius

This blog post is written by Robert Puff, one of the industry’s top music preparers. Robert and his company RPM Seattle have prepared scores and parts for over 100 feature films since 1995. He also writes the insightful blog Of Note, where he shares Finale & Sibelius tips and tutorials. Read on to learn more […]